Five Factors Regarding Label of a Suit Fabric
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As a suit fabric supplier, you need to have a label. You need to get the label as it defines your overall garment. Below are some of the type and factors that should be mentioned on your label.

What is nice – Satin or Woven Labels?

It depends upon what you perceive as “nice”. Woven labels give you a soft feeling. Also, it can come out in different colors depending upon your brand. The price of the woven label is reasonable, and you do not have to pay extra. Remember that more colors mean more cost. The significant aspect of the woven label is that they can sustain wear and tear. No matter how many times the label gets washed, the patch logo will remain same (even the thread’s color). However, you will remain able to know where the label came from.

On the other hand, satin is extraordinarily soft and elegant fabric. It gives a beautiful shine which states “this apparel is high-end”. High end obviously, depicts the higher cost. Satin will not scratch the skin of the wearer, unlike any woven label. So, silk has probably the higher probability of being annexed to the garment, but the logo will fade in the end. It is “printed on” that is why it is not permanent. The logo will withstand after quite a few washes, but it is inevitable to come out.

Take a closer look in your closet and observe the satin labels have commenced fading away slowly.

Should You Heat Transfer?

The answer is an abrupt no. Labels with heat transfer is a pain. However, they give a soothing feel on the skin. Heat transfer demands extra payment if you want to be the best uniform fabric supplier. The cost of heat transfer is more or less equivalent to a printed satin label. However, you also need to find someone to fix them onto your garment. SO, research and find the best company for per heat transfer rate.

uniform fabric

Apart from the extra charge for heat, you also need to bear the cost of logistics of getting heated and bring the fabric to you. So, should you go for heat transferring? No, but it is not impossible.

Essential Factors on a Care label

Fabric content is crucial, (lining, combo, self), washing symbols, washing instructions, RN and the place of production.

Fabric content – Your fabric supplier should be able to provide you with the content used along with the exact percentage. Name the used content in a sequence of usage, so your self-fabric go first then combo and then linings.

Washing symbols – If you do not have the symbols for the caution, let your label supplier know which ones you require.

Washing instructions – You can ask you, fabric supplier, if they have any instructions up in their sleeves regarding cleaning techniques of the fabric.

RN – Include RN clearly on the label so that it is clear to read.

Place of Production – You need to mention in which part of the world the garment was manufactured (cut and sew).

What is RN?

RN stands for Registration Number. It is a law requirement which has to be written on your label. You will always find RN somewhere on the apparel you wear.

Wrap Up

Now your suit fabric’s label is ready. Go and Sell.

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